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A couple of stops worth making on YouTube

2009-11-05Where in the world am I today?: Flying from Vancouver to Costa Rica to join up with the Island Princess.

Right… Three things I wanted to point people towards on YouTube that I’ve either been a part of or else found very amusing…

The first – the Clown v. Mime videos available on my friend Rob William’s corner of the YouTube Universe –


Back in July Rick Kunst and Rob Williams came up with this idea for a dark comedy duo, one being a somewhat disgruntled clown and the other being an over exuberant Mime. We were all in Red Deer performing at Centrefest and I had my video camera with me so I offered to shoot one of the ideas that they had bouncing around. We shot it, edited it and threw it up on Youtube in less than a day and response was so good to it that we did another before the end of the Festival. Rick and Rob got together again at the beginning of October to brainstorm more ideas for this unlikely duo and shot some more footage which was sent to me for editing… I’ve gotten four different pieces put together three of which are up on Rob’s section of youtube and had a fifth in the works that will hopefully be done soon. This is just a fun example of having an idea and making it happen. It’s also pretty funny, so I’d encourage you to go have a look and perhaps send a few friends by to see these shorts.

Next up in the youtube viewing department is a music video by Boothby Graffoe entitled ‘A to Zzzz.’ I met Boothby on one of the Ships and Dip Cruises that were put on by the Barenaked Ladies and have great memories of him performing this particular song at a songwriters workshop that happened during the cruise. It’s now been turned into a video and Boothby first sent me to this link –


– and challenged me to come up with an A to Z comment for the comment stream this was my effort –

Amazing Boothby!
Cannabis derived enjoyment for Global happiness?
Inspirational jabberings?
Kaleidoscopic laments musically nailed?
Or possibly quizzical ramblings suitably timed under varying wavelengths?
Xanadu-inspired yarns zigzagging!

He then sent me to a second version of the video that was of better quality at this link –

– and I did the exercise again coming up with this comment –

A big creative dilemma erupts from gravitating here.
I just know learned-masters never oppose possibly questioning reality.
The undercurrent’s violent when x-ing your zoology.

It was a fun challenge to come up with a semi-coherant string of words that started with a, then b, then c etc. all the way up to z, so if you’ve got some time and are feeling creative I’d suggest trying it as an exercise in stretching your brain in a different direction.

Finally, I wanted to point you in the direction of this video that my kids showed me… It’s just one of those videos that you watch and shake your head after… Crazy!


I found this other link claiming that the video above is a hoax, but still… It’s the sort of stunt that I’d love to believe was possible! Goes back to my days of loving Evil Knievel!


Happy viewing! Got some other videos on youtube that you’ve loved recently? Put links in the comment section so we can all enjoy them!

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