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Studying your Craft

2009-11-03Where in the world am I today?: North Vancouver, BC, Canada

OK… Admittedly I’m not an authority on the best classes and the best teachers as I’ve only taken a few workshops in my day and though I did major in Theatre in University, I only completed one year of the four year program before touring and working became so abundant that I never made it back to school, but there’s a lot to be said for studying your craft in a more formal setting. Working on your technique in the reasonably safe environment of a class or workshop setting can let you push yourself and experiment in ways that you might not consider in a paid performance situation. Having an instructor suggest exercises that get you out of your comfort zone and push you will allow you to broaden your vocabulary of both physical skills as well as your intellectual architecture.

What follows is a bit of a list of schools and teachers that I’ve heard great things about and thus am including them here as a resource for those who want to push their technique to a higher level…

Schools –

Teachers –

This list barely scratches the surface of some of the great schools and teachers that are out there, but as I have yet to get myself back into the classroom, this list is meant to get others started (perhaps even myself) not to be definitive. If you know of others that you think should be included, I encourage you to list them in the comments section.

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