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Promotional Vehicles


2009-02-16Where in the world am I today?: North Vancouver, BC, Canada

Over the years I’ve had a number of different vehicles that served as a way to promote and marketing my show. They also helped created a certain image that I felt went along with my show. The most notable over the years were – 

  • A 1974 Austin Mini Convertible with a black and white  checkered hood and trunk lid
  • A 1980 New York Checker Cab
  • A 1968 New York Checker Cab with Purple Hot Rod Flames
  • A 1981 Vespa P200 with Checker Cab motif
  • A 1989 Nissan S-Cargo shown above.

Now I’ll be completely honest… When I thought to write about this as a topic I was going to go into length about the pluses and minus of cost verse performance. How going the extra step to add signage that acted as advertising allows you to write the vehicle off 100% as both transportation and advertising, but for me owing cool vehicles has been as much of an addiction as it has been a business practice. I’ve always had a fascination with cars that have a bit more personality than say your average Toyota Corolla or Honda Civic. This has lead me to search out cool vehicles and spend far more time and money on them than I would have on a Corolla or a Civic, but what’cha gonna do – it’s a weakness…

I can tell you that people remember these cars and my association with them. This past weekend, in fact, I ran into a guy at the Richmond Winterfest who remembered me from the 1988 Halifax Buskers and remembered the Mini convertible that I was driving around at the time – not bad considering that was over twenty years ago. Anything you can do to help create a buzz about you and your and helps people remember you specifically is the aim of most marketing efforts. The fact that I also got to feed my love of quirky cars was just a really fun added bonus.


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