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Old School 3D

Where in the world am I today?: North Vancouver, BC, Canada

Went to see the recent Disney 3D feature Alice in Wonderland with Johnny Depp today with my wife and kids and thoroughly enjoyed it. 3D really seems to be making a huge impact these days with lots of animated features being created in 3D and of course the huge success of Avatar and the world that was created and animated in that film. As cool as the latest 3D technology is with it’s funky dark glasses, I was recently reminded of the good old fashion 3D that required the red and blue glasses…

A while back I was doing a post which referenced ‘The Waldo Woodhead Show‘ and stumbled across a  link that took me to a homepage for the former drummer, Witlo (aka Ron Labbe)  for the Waldo Woodhead Show and dropped him an email to see what was what in his world… The internet is, if nothing else, an amazing way to reconnect with old friends and make new ones.

Ron wrote back right away and said that he had a 3D image of me in my 1974 Mini Convertible that I had driven out to the Halifax Buskers Festival in 1988. I vaguely remembered him stopping me and asking if he could take a 3D image of me, but had long ago forgotten that it had happened. If memory serves, he had a funky looking 3D film camera that he took the shot with, but I didn’t really think much of it until well over two decades later when he sent me the picture above.

Now… If you can track down some old 3D glasses, the ones with one eye that’s blue and one eye that’s red, the kind that these people are wearing in this picture then you should be able to see the 3D effect. Really cool I thought and a ton of fun to be reminded of that time in my life.

Emails between Ron and I went back and forth a bit as I thought it would be really cool to get an old school 3D promotional picture or marketing mailer made up and send it along with some old 3D glasses as one of those promo pieces that gets ‘talked about.’ I may still get to it eventually. He pointed me in the direction of a 3D Digital Camera which looked pretty cool but at the time there was a bit of an insurmountable gulf between the time I had for the project and the learning I needed to do to make it happen. Sigh…

I’ve had other ideas that sort of tap into the ‘retro cool’ of old school technology as a way to promote my show all of which come back to the same sort of concept which is to have your promotional materials stand out amongst the crowd. Event producers, agents, managers anyone who receives promo kits on a regular basis is so used to seeing a cookie cutter version of things that anything you can do to have your materials stick out and rise to the top or even get a second look will give you an advantage when it comes to landing jobs.

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