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“Number Two Lane in My Number Two Car”

After the last piece by Zimmy Page which was a bit dark I got the following piece which is a lovely response to as he put it “The horror, the horror of the last one.” He wanted to get it up quick to as he put it “Replace the Stink of the last ink,” so here you go! More from the comedic mind of the Zimster!

September 2004. I pull up in the number two lane in my number two car to the red light at La Brea and Sunset.

I have no radio; I have a burgled Tercel…I have my thoughts as usual, and I have too many as usual. How can I afford to pay for my dental surgery? I have to remember to buy cigarettes before Debra Jo yells at me again…More thoughts intrude…Then I hit upon a really good one! I don’t remember what was so damn funny, but as I looked to my left up Sunset, I started laughing really hard. Alone, in a car in broad daylight…in a car without a radio, in hysterics! I looked forward through the windshield to be sure I hadn’t missed my cue…nope, red…permission to continue laughing at nothing granted…so I do! Now I glance right to the number one lane…at a number one car. The Very Very Rich Guy is staring at me, smiling.

Sitting in his bright red Benz convertible, he’s smiling in just szuch a way, I know he not only approves, he…he actually…

I lean in closer to my very open passenger side window. (I couldn’t afford any fucking air conditioning either…)

“Jealous, huh?”

He’s just so rich and his sports car is just so vanity-plated…he’s obviously smart. He’s just beaming as he says –


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