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Mick Jagger – Quoted

Where in the world am I today?: North Vancouver, BC, Canada.

“It’s all right letting yourself go as long as you can let yourself back.”

Mick Jagger, English rock singer (1943 – )


“It’s significantly harder letting yourself back than it is letting yourself go.”

–David ‘checkerhead’ Aiken

Weight-wise I seem to hover between about 80 kg and 85 kg when I’m in decent shape and feeling on top of my game… From about the Fall of last year I sort of just ignored the scale for a while because I was pretty frantic work-wise and it was more important to make it through each day than it was to worry about how much weight I thought I was likely gaining… Well… After getting back from Winnipeg a couple of weeks ago I decided to step on a scale and was a bit alarmed by the number the popped up. Since I deliberately took some time off in April/May to just chill I all of a sudden don’t have an excuse to not be a bit more conscious about my physical condition. I’ve been going to the Underground Circus’s training space a few times a week, working out a bit at home and being a bit more cautious about what (and how much) I’m eating. The weights coming off slowly but surely, but it seems like so much less ‘work’ to put it on that to take it off… I know I’ll feel better for it though!

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