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Huge Time Suck Vol. 2

Where in the world am I today?: North Vancouver, BC, Canada

So… Over the past few months… Since about the beginning of the year really I’ve begun to notice how much time this Blogging thing is sucking up… Like ALOT! I started this project back at the beginning of 2009 as a way to force myself to write something other than emails which was the topic of “Huge Time Suck Vol. 1” back on February 12, 2009 but now I’m finding that this Blog is turning into almost as much of a time consumer as the email (though lets be honest, few things can suck time up as efficiently as responding to notes in your inbox).

Sat down with my manager today and had a meeting about various things… Stuff I should be working on, stuff that could help move my ‘career’ (I still can’t believe I refer to what I do as ‘a career’) forward and how I should be handling my time to get the most out of my days. Creating blog content we determined was good, but daily blog content was taking up so much of my time that perhaps I should cut back to 2 – 4 posts a week and use the time saved to work on other more ‘career advancing’ pursuits…

My wife and I were talking about the fact that 24 hours in a day doesn’t seem to be enough some times. She recently quit her part time job which was really only a 15 hour a week time commitment, but having those extra 15 hours really seems to have helped her feel more on top of life and even with those 15 extra hours a week she really doesn’t feel like 24 hours is enough some days to get through the list of things she wants to do.

Part of this, I think, is a question of time management, part of this is prioritizing, part of this is about making smart choices about how I spend my time and what I want to achieve. When I set out to start writing a blog I didn’t really have a sense of where it was going or how long I’d be doing it… I sort of set out with the general intention of using this space as a venue for some sort of creative output and it’s been great for that. Now I’m thinking that I need to shift gears a bit so a bit less of my 24 hours and creative process is consumed by this particular outlet and can be focused on some other projects that are becoming a priority.

This begs the question – Will anyone care?

My website has a stats counter on it and I see from the stats counter that lots of people are apparently coming to the blog to check out the content, but I get very little in the way of feedback in the comments section. I get the sense that there’s an audience out there and have been more or less blindly throwing content out there because people ‘might’ be enjoying it, but now’s the time to let your voice be heard. If you’ve enjoyed the content of this blog and have 2¢ you’d like to share about this decision to scale back the output I’d love to hear your thoughts.

The comments section is open for feedback, or if you prefer, just pop me an email to cbg@checkerhead.com

As of next week I’ll be posting a little less frequently I think…

One Response to “Huge Time Suck Vol. 2”

  1. Bob Cates says:

    I hear you about the time suck. I have no idea how you (and other bloggers for that matter) have the time to do it. However, your pain has been our gain. I certainly have appreciated you openness and transparency in all that you write.
    Keep it up as much as you can.

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