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Greetings from Hong Kong

Where in the world am I today?: Hong Kong International Airport on my way to Mumbai India.

I’m sitting in Hong Kong Airport 9:30ish am local time on Friday morning which is actual about 5:30 pm Vancouver time on Thursday so I’m a bit torn as to which day I should post this to… In the interests of keeping up appearances and posting daily(ish). I’ll date this one for Thursday…

A very brief post today just to announce to the world that the migration of all things Checkerhead is taking place in the next day or so and I’m going to take a wee break from the blog until the move is complete. This is so the people who are helping execute the move don’t have to worry about missing any posts I attempt to make while they’re moving things over to the new servers… The move should hopefully be seamless and no-one will be aware that this move even happened, but just to make things easier I’m going to take a step back while all the technical voodoo is happening.

Besides… I’ve got to wrap my head around being on the other side of the world, jet lag and getting ready for shows for the Canadian Tourism Commission at the Travel and Tourism Fair in Mumbai that starts on Saturday.

Fingers crossed that everything progresses according to plan!

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