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Where in the world am I today?: Mumbai, India.

OK… I’ve got to admit that I’m still not an entire convert to the world of Facebook. I know so many are and so many are now doing business and staying in touch almost exclusively via Facebook… The ability to quickly update your Facebook Status is like simple blogging for the masses and here I am writing a more traditional blog and have the gall to not fully embrace a site and it’s technologies… I feel like an old man clinging to the way of the past at times, but I’m slowly starting to cave.

I started working with a manager a while back and one of the things I asked him in one of our recent meetings was –

“Hey… Should I have a Facebook Fan Page?”

Yes was his immediate answer and beyond the yes, he told me he’d create it for me. Now I should also point out that my son Koji created a Facebook page for me too called –

I bet we can find 10 000 pope that like The Checkerboard Guy

And to my surprise a bunch of people actually signed up for the page, but the new Page that my manager, Corwin, created for me is much more a page designed for Fans of the show and can be found here –

The Checkerboard Guy Fan Page on Facebook

Now it’s going to take me a little while to get up and running with this newfangled Facebook Fan Page and I’ve done ZERO promoting of the page, but again was surprised that a couple of people who came to my shows in India tracked the page down and became Fans… Amazing… I’ll be curious to see if posting this to my blog generates any additional interest as well… Feel free to swing by and become a fan if you like.

Though I semi-resist Facebook, I’m well aware that it has become an essential part of the overall promotional presence that one needs to have in this electronic day and age.

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