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Where in the world am I today?: North Vancouver, BC, Canada

So I’ll be heading down to Seattle for a couple of days and I called up my friend Matt Baker to ask if I could crash with him for the two nights that I’ll be in town to take in some of Moisture Festival and contribute some schtick to the two variety shows on Sunday the 14th… As I’ve eluded to in the blog before I’m really looking forward to going down to do this not for financial gain so much as to remind myself why I like to perform again.

Called Matt up and was even more pumped about the trip because of the enthusiasm he shared about having me come down to visit. I was sort of thinking of this trip as a very self-serving sort of adventure, a chance to play for the sake of playing with out having to worry about the pay cheque, but then I get hit by this wave of enthusiasm from Matt who is just as keen on the idea of ‘play’ and I’m even more excited about the journey because it’ll give me a really decent opportunity to hang out with him, meet his girlfriend and enjoy the sort of visit that isn’t hinged to some sort of time limit…

I should probably back track to explain why this has such an appeal. Years ago, I got a call out of the blue from The Brothers from Different Mothers (Matt and his partner Alex) to see if I’d be interested in coming down to perform as part of the Seattle Juggling and Footbag Festival that they were organizing. Specifically if I’d be a part of the public show that they were putting together. I was a pretty new father at the time and although I did blast down to Seattle for some fun and to play the gig, I arrived, did the show and more or less turned around and headed straight home because my sense of duty to my young family was stronger than my desire to chase a great hang.

Last June while working aboard a Princess Cruise ship I had a turn around day in Seattle and again hooked up for breakfast and a bit of a visit with Matt (shot the picture above on that day), but the looming deadline of getting back to the ship seemed to cut things short.

This time around the only thing that’ll cut the hang short is exhaustion at the end of the evening. I’m thoroughly looking forward to arriving into Seattle on Saturday afternoon, hooking up with Matt, getting the official introduction to his girlfriend then grabbing some groceries for a dinner later in the evening…

I have one distraction in the middle of the evening when I’ll head off to check out the 7:30 pm Burlesque Show at Moisture Festival and check out the venue where I’ll be performing the next day, but that’ll only be a small road bump in the middle of the evening. Sunday morning we’ll grab some breakfast, I’ll pack my car, I’ll get to the venue, I’ll have fun with the shows… It’ll be awesome!

It’s a nice Ninjin dangling in front of my face at the moment and it’s fun to feel the excitement building.

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