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Buy a Lot if You Like ’em

2009-08-18Where in the world am I today?: North Vancouver, BC, Canada

Having enough foresight to know that you’re going to want something long after it’s perhaps gone out of vogue is something that I think I’ve been reasonably good at. As a performer I’ve developed an attachment to certain pieces of performance apparatus and costuming. The yellow socks featured in the picture for example were a costume element that became solidified for reasons surrounding a contract I did a the 1990 Hana Haku Flower Expo in Osaka, Japan. For a number of years following my decision that yellow socks would be a permanent fixture of the costume (and this was before the days of the internet) I struggled to find a supplier of just the right kind of yellow socks that I liked. When at last I did find the socks I liked I decided to buy more than 100 pairs just so I would never run out.

Other performance related items that I’ve purchased over the years because I’ve KNOWN! I’ll want to have some stashed away have been –

And the list could go on… In this list are a few items that have gone out of stock or for one reason or another. I’ve experienced the frustration of not being able to replace certain props at times, so if I come across a prop that I like I’m usually inclined to pick up more than one of said prop. Even for shows that I’m not even sure about I’ll pick up multiple copies of a specific prop just in case I’m not able to get it again. Better to get it when you know you can get it than wish you had.

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